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About the region

  • Archaeological museum

   The Varna Archaeological museum is among the biggest ones in the country. It has been conserving one of the most remarkable and valuable monuments of the world culture, including the oldest gold treasure all over the world – the Thracian golden treasure. It has turned into a cultural and scientific center with many high – qualification specialists. With its individual exhibitions it was guest of famous museums in France, Germany, Japan, Israel, Italy, and of the worldwide exhibitions in Seville (Spain) –1992, and Lisboa (Portugal) – 1998. The monuments of the exposition and the funds of the museum are a basis for work of a number of Bulgarian and foreign specialists.

  • Roman thermae

   The public thermae (baths) of Odesos have been one of the most preserved architectural monuments of the Roman times in Bulgaria (І – ІV c. A. D.). They are of the so called “small imperial type” and their construction dates back to the end of ІІ c. This has been the biggest Roman bath of the Balkan peninsula – with an area of 7000 sq. m. It is fourth in size in Europe – among the thermae of Caracalla and Diocletian in Rome, and in Trevira (Trier, Germany). It was used until the end of ІІІ c. Along with other public buildings, the thermae were an important part of the everyday life of Odesos. Since the sixties of the ХХ c. The Roman Thermae have been an archaeological monument of the culture of national importance.

  • Aladzha monastery

   The most famous medieval rock monastery on the Bulgarian Black sea coast is situated 14 km to the north – east of the town of Varna and 3.5 km to the west of the „Golden sands“ resort”. The archaeological researches show that the region was inhabited since the early Christian times (IV–VI c.). The unusual architectural shapes, the beautiful nature around and the numerous legends told by the local population create a unique atmosphere here, of calmness and mysticism. Throughout a century those gifts have been approve Aladzha monastery as one of the most attractive museum and tourism sights along the Bulgaria Black sea coast, included in almost all worldwide guides.

  • Festival and Congress Center

   The Festival and Congress Center – Varna is one of the symbols of the town, a cultural and attractive center of cultural and social events. It is situated in the most attractive place in the very center of the town, right before the main entrance of the Seaside park and 100 m away from the central beach of the town of Varna. Every day at least 8 events are held here, and annually visitors of only the cultural events of the said Center are about 250 000. The FCC is the face of Bulgaria in such prestigious international congress organizations like ICCA, EFCT, AIPC and in the sole Pan – European chain of cinemas called EUROPE CINEMAS at the European union. The FCC has been developing artistic – creative and international activity, as well as congress and conference activity, catering and accompanying services. It has been a preferred place for presenting of: theatre productions, concerts, celebrations, festivals, exhibitions, movie shows, meetings of the Bulgarian elite.